Critical Mass Racing High Speed PNP

Critical Mass

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  • Critical Mass Racing High Speed PNP uten radio/batteri og lader

    Ferdigbygd fin modell for litt viderekomne, denne lavingede modellen flyr raskt og stødig og har en utrolig god finish.

    Nødvendig tilbehør:

    Radio/motaker mins 5ch
    Batteri 11.1V 2200mah
    Lader for batteri
    The Dwelle family's 1950 Hawker Sea Fury T.Mk.20 known as "Critical Mass" has been a regular on the Reno Air Racing scene since 1987. : It was very succesful in the racing role: ex Vietnam Skyraider pilot and family patriarch Tom Dwelle finished a best of 2nd place in the Reno Unlimited Gold class. :However the :years had been hard on the Sea Fury and its utility was limited to a "one week a year" mission. : There was much discussion within the Dwelle family on the future of :the Sea Fury :but a phone call in Dec 2006 set the course. : The 4,200 HP hybrid racing engine on Critical Mass was to be sold to the new owner of Unlimited Racing Icon "Rare Bear". Within a month, :Critical Mass's :clipped outer wing panels were traded :to unlimited heavyweight "September Fury" for that racer's spare set of stock wings. : The path was set, Critical Mass was to be restored back to stock! :

    ROCHobby have accurately modeled the nice looking Critical Mass, which is a racer sport plane. The lightweight construction of this model, coupled with a proven airframe design gives this model a locked in feel while performing aerobatics, long smooth knife edge flight is a breeze. :featuring pre-installed, fully Digital servos, a 35A :ESC :and a strong :brushless :motor. The build quality is just fantastic, just make sure you take ecough batteries with you when you fly and enjoy it!

    Key Features

    Split flaps and servoless electric retracts
    EPO foam construction
    Brushless motor, ESC and servos installed


    Product Specifications Product Name Rochobby Critical Mass Racing High Speed Product ID ROC012 Wingspan 1100mm/43.3in Overall Length 918mm/36.1in Flying Weigh 1090g Motor Size 3536